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At Wonderland we adopt the philosophy that children learn through play. What makes us unique is that we have an open-plan setting and the keycarers take groups around each area to enable the children to experience a range of activities and so develop their understanding and knowledge.


During each session, children aged from 2 to 5 years will have time to fully explore the area during free-play.  They have the independence to select various activities they choose to carry out whilst being fully supervised.


The main benefits of this approach are:


That the children get to see their siblings, friends and cousins throughout the day regardless of which age group they are in, making their whole experience at Nursery more friendly.


In our experience, children find the transition from one age group to the next less daunting.  They are familiar with their surroundings, the other children and the Practitioners working in their new age group. This makes the whole 'moving up' process much smoother, creating confident and independent youngsters.

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'The Nursery has a friendly atmosphere and all the staff are very approachable.  I can leave my daughter there knowing she's safe and happy'  

Mother of a child aged 3 years 10 months

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